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Jackson’s is a REAL Food Market. REAL, meaning honest, delicious, good-for-you food of the finest quality you’ll find anywhere in the country. That’s because it comes straight from small local farmers and suppliers with good old-fashioned principles – people who still produce food the way nature intended, and deliver it to you directly at excellent prices.

At Jackson’s, you can expect:

  • Finest quality, pasture-reared, hormone-free grass fed meats, smoked bacon, dairy and eggs.

  • Locally sourced, organically grown fruit and veg (never sprayed with pesticides)

  • Best quality salmon and other fresh fish

  • The best in vegan, paleo, low carb/low sugar, gluten free and other diet-specific foods

  • Top local cheeses, roasted coffees, non-GMO and wood-fired breads, and more!

We also invite you to try our fantastic new EATERY, with wholesome, delicious food, as well as local preservative-free CRAFT BEERS and many more great experiences including bicycle and pet-friendly areas.

Come see what #RealHonestFood tastes like!

Jackson’s Featured Products

Grass fed meats

Grass fed, free range and pasture raised meats which are hormone and Antibiotic free

Cured meats

Pasture raised cold meats and Charcuterie (cured meat)

Scottish salmon

Export quality fish like Mauritian sea bass and Scottish salmon flown in twice a week

Free range chicken

Hormone free chicken and farm eggs like the old days

Dairy products

Free range, grass fed dairy products from hormone free cows

Artisanal coffee

Artisan coffee using the best beans and roasting the old fashioned way

Artisan sourdough bread

Artisan Sourdough bread baked in a wood fired oven and pastries, sandwiches and other treats


Gourmet cheeses, pestos, tapenades, authentic Italian pasta, hummus ready made soups, etc. All chosen on purity and taste


Artisanal Ice cream, fudge, toffee and treats you won’t find elsewhere