The Power of Plants

We hope you guys enjoyed Plant Based September with us.  As you might have noticed, this month we decided to shed some light on the great plant-based, vegan products we stock at the market. We also saw our very first Kitchen Takeover with plant-based devotee Lexi Monzeglio. She really brought out the greens!

These products are not just great for vegans.  Anyone that wants to include more plants and greens into their diet, will benefit from them. The best thing about these products are the fact that they are made from real, clean ingredients, with no nasty preservatives or chemicals.


Our main aim here at Jacksons, is to educate and supply good-for-you, clean, preservative free and whole foods to our customers.  Whether you are banting, going gluten free, cutting out sugar or exploring more plant-based options  –  we want you to enjoy optimum health.  It’s all about conscious eating and knowing what you put in your body.

It’s no secret that eating an array of fresh vegetables and fruits are good for you.  We all know this. Numerous studies show that a plant-based diet provides the body with enough protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

The power of plants

If you’re a carnivore and love your meat, this might be the last thing you want to hear. Cuttting out meat a few nights a week, might not be the worst thing in the world.

Why should we include more plants in our diets?

  • It’s good for overall health.

Including more plant-based foods into your diet can prolong your life and help fight against heart disease, high blood pressure and can even help regulate blood sugar levels.  Your digestive system will work so much better with the increase of fiber intake from eating whole grains, beans and legumes. Plants are full of phytochemicals, compounds that help your body’s systems perform and heal during disease.

  • Lose those unwanted kilos.

Being calorie conscious is one thing. And can be pretty daunting.  Including real and whole plant-based meals in your weekly meal plan, will guarantee weight loss. Plants are naturally lower in calories, so keep your meals fresh and full of variety.  Keep an eye out for convenient and processed meals, those are no good. You can feel totally satisfied over a bowl of salad, made with an array of fresh and whole ingredients.

  • You might save a buck or two.

Your bank balance will look pretty great once you shop more in the fresh foods aisle.  Once you’ve saved some cash, stock up on good quality, grass-fed meats to include in your weekly meal planner once or twice a week.

  • You saved the planet!

We all know that feedlot farms and battery operated meat factories damages our environment and contributes to the major issue of greenhouse gas emissions.  The millions of kilos of grains produced for feedlot, uses an immense amount of water and energy. Reduce your carbon footprint and make the smart choice to support your local, organic and sustainable farmers.

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The key is to make whole, fresh foods part of your omnivore diet, giving your body nutrients like calcium, fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, protein, Vitamin D, essential fatty acids, and potassium. This in turn will keep your cells functioning exactly as they were meant to. When you are used to a dense animal-based and processed foods diet, you will often end up sick, having brain fog and might experience fatigue.  

Healthy green vegetables

You don’t have to go cold turkey.

We can all start by contributing even just one meal a week,  hashtag Meatless Monday! It’s a campaign that encourages people to start each week with a day of vegetarian eating. The term “flexitarian” might be a great description, and is described as someone who eats mostly plant-based foods, but occasionally eats veld reared, grass fed meat, poultry and fish from a sustainable source. Sounds familiar?  That kind of eating is what the Mediterranean diet is all about by limiting red meat and enjoying more fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and healthy fats.


Think about making the switch to include more plant-based food in your diet.  Up your vegetable and fruit intake, and live your best life. Pick healthy, grass-fed, hormone free meats when you are hitting up the grill, and drop the processed stuff. 

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