New Real Products from our Market

We believe that eating a balanced meal and including whole and clean food in your diet can help sustain and increase optimum health.  Food in its purest state, without any harmful preservatives, chemicals, and other nasty ingredients, is the way to go. Let real food be your medicine…

Here are 4 of our latest real food additions to our market.



The Bread Gypsy – Wood Fired Artisan Bread


Adding to our impressive bread offering at both our markets, we welcome The Bread Gypsy to our breadwall. The Bread Gypsy specialize in wood-fired baked artisan bread.  Their bread is made with Stone Ground Flour which puts them aside from other forms of commercial bread. Each loaf is hand shaped using Eureka Mills non-GMO stone ground flour, wild yeast, and gentle mixing to create a thin, crisp crust and soft interior.

They bake ciabattas, baguettes, seed loaves, 100% rye and sourdough bread that are healthy and low in GI. Their pastries are made with only bliss in mind, using the best ingredients, and definitely no additives or preservatives.

The Bread Gypsy at Jacksons



Lynda, the creator of the amazing Cold Pressed Health juice “Juice4Joy” (80% Veg 20% Herbal Tea, Spices and complemented with fruit) has another wonderful range to offer in store, Soup4Soul.  Prepared with love and made with only the best local produce, these comforting ready-made soups are the perfect nourishing meal. Lynda takes sincere care creating these delicious soups, and her Juice4Joy range with Gut Health in mind and heart…

It’s available in six delicious flavours: Gorgeous Green, Carb Craver, Liver Saver, Broccoli + Bean with a touch of Thai, Cauli Craze with a touch of Thai and Sweet Potato with a touch of Thai.

Soup4Joy is:

  • Vegan
  • Nutrient dense
  • Warming and colourful without any preservatives or additives
  • Bottled in Glass
  • Made with best local ingredients and contains coconut oil, coconut milk, and cream, natural herbs and spices, herbal teas with a Touch of Thai (homemade by Lynda).

To serve simply remove from your freezer and thaw in your refrigerator, then warm it up when you are ready to eat – always better to heat it up in a saucepan rather than the microwave.  Spruce it up with your choice of protein – the options are endless!

Soup4Soul at Jacksons Real Food Market


Amazonia Superfood

We are so excited to be partnering with Amaziona SA, to deliver to Joburg the most talked about certified organic superfood – the Acai berry. We have stocked our freezers with their certified organic frozen acai berry smoothie packs and frozen coconut smoothie packs!

They vow to supply 100% pure & natural superfoods which is sustainable and direct from a thriving ecosystem – the Amazonian rainforest. The Açaí berry is jam-packed with nutrients.  Amazonia Açaí berry has more to offer than just powerful antioxidants.  It also supplies us with many other amazing benefits like electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids and even essential fatty acids. They believe that “you are what you eat” and strive to provide real health options for people who choose a bright, natural lifestyle.

Amazonia Organic Acai at Jacksons Real Food Market


 Organic Coffee

We know how much that first cup of the day means!  We serve only the best 100% organic coffee in both our eateries (please specify with waiter what blend we are serving). The exciting news is that we now have ground coffee from Bean and Co in our market for sale by the bag.  This is perfect for coffee experts that like to blend and roast at home.

Organic Coffee at Jacksons Real Food Market



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