In search of the best Eggs in Joburg


Simply never buy eggs that come from caged hens.

Our journey so far to find the happiest hens and the eggs that are laid by those hens continues…



Eggs are nature’s wonder food. We can get so much of our daily nutrients through eating a simple egg. Very few fresh foods pack in THAT much goodness.  We don’t consider a label like free range or organic at face value, instead, we personally visit the farms and apply the following simple standards:

The perfect egg should derive from hen’s being reared in the following environment:

  • Access to a pasture or large grassy area with shady trees during daylight hours.
  • Hens must be allowed to perch at night and roam freely by day.
  • Access to feed indoors and outdoors. This must be free of hormones or antibiotics and ideally include shoots, sprouts, grass, worms or insects.
  • Access to fresh water is critical.
Jos Eggs

Jo’s Pasture Raised Food

Research has shown that pasture reared hens eggs have the following benefits for us as opposed to battery/caged hens. (USDA Nutrient database)

  • Three times as much Vitamin E
  • Two times as much Vitamin A
  • Eight times more Beta carotene
  • Three times as much Omega 3
  • 25% less cholesterol
Farmer Angus

Farmer Angus and his flock.

Over and above that I have found, after doing a thorough comparison and numerous taste tests, that the following characteristics are prevalent in pasture reared eggs.

  • They simply taste better when cooked.
  • The raw egg white is firm and jelly like.
  • The raw yolk is bright and rich yellow in colour.
  • The raw egg yolk is well rounded in the way it stands and has no ridges between the yolk and the egg white.
  • The shell is firm and does not break easily.

Our Top 3 Egg farms in store:

Jo Spilsbury’s Pasture/outdoor Reared Eggs.

Jos pasture reared eggs

Farmer Angus at Spier – Outdoor, GMO free Eggs 

Farmer Angus


Mooberry Farms – Outdoor reared Eggs

Mooberry Farms



The bottom line

If you buy eggs from happy healthy hens that are allowed to roam, scratch, dust bath and roost you will get the best nutrition.

The extra marginal cost you pay per egg is well worth it in our opinion. Our farmers get far less eggs per hen as they are naturally reared and not forced to lay day and night.

The best benefit is however the taste, color and nutrition density. Come through and stock up on the best eggs in Joburg.