Healthy, Nutritious Dairy

Not all milk is equal in terms of nutrient density and taste,  so make sure to find out more about the milk you should be drinking.

Healthy Nutritious Dairy


We got milk

Have a look at a few differences between our diary offering and normal supermarket milk:

  1. Our cows graze on pastures along the banks of the Klip river and are not confined to any small areas, pens or cages. Our dairy farmer runs an award winning diary, because of this fact.
  2. “Factory” or mass produced diary practices, stress out the cows by expecting about 35 liters of milk a day.  The cows from our farmers are milked 15 -20 liters a day, so stress is diminished tremendously.
  3. The herds are vaccinated and monitored continually to ensure the milk is safe, without applying hormones or stimulants. The milk is not subjected to immense amounts of heat or boiling, which causes reduction in its nutrients.
  4. Normal supermarket milk is subjected to enormous stress in their processing, including ultraviolet light exposure and centrifuging, resulting in damage or extraction of the goodness. Our pasteurizing and homogenizing is done gently and slowly at lower temperatures, without stripping cream or adding water. This ensures a natural balance of the Omega 3’s and 6’s. Given the mixed breed of cows, combined with pasture feeding, our milk has substantially higher CLA levels.

Nutritious, Healthy Dairy


So, our philosophy is simple;  Real Food.  Real Dairy.  Meaning milk from healthy and happy cows. Cows that eat the right kind of food.  Milk without hormones and antibiotics from underfed and supplemented animals. Milk free from invasive processes that strips it from its natural fats, vital nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics – BECAUSE of milk-born diseases that sprout from some poorly run, infected, factory dairy farms.

We caught up with two of our dairy suppliers that share our vision and ethos…


Global Dairy Production

From large commercial, private dairy factories to individual family scale operations (subsistence farming), it isn’t hard to believe that Dairy production is a labor intensive, technology driven industry. From the viewpoint of animal welfare, milking, waste management, milk processing and the national refrigerated transport and supply chains – we rely on modern technologies in a big way. Today, dairy farmers and producers are moving away from unwanted processing that alters the nutritional composition of the milk. Which is a great step forward.

It’s astonishing what competitors make us buy. The milk processed from commercial dairy farms are stripped from most of their natural goodness.  The extreme pasteurization processes to keep the bacteria count low, uses UV light and centrifuging,  that causes an imbalance in the protein molecules and throws the natural Omega 3 and 6 fats in disarray. Think about the stress that these animals go through, what they are fed – no wonder we are suffering from depression and obesity –  as explained by Guy Barnes, from Bartley Dairy Farms.  

Bartley Dairy Farms


Guy has been operating for the last 17 years and is very passionate about producing safe dairy.  The milk from Bartley’s go through a more natural pasteurizing process within an hour of the milking process – opposed to the competitors that only start processing after the milk has been left for two days.

Since the milk is from healthy and happy cows, grazing the farm (and only being milked 15 liters a day) they don’t need to add any hormones, antibiotics or preservatives to their milk.

Not only has dairy production become a multi million rand business enterprise, a topic that has also raised some questions are cow health and animal welfare.


Healthy Cows, Healthy Milk

The best, most nutritious milk comes from farms that raise the livestock on pastures, grazing on their natural diet of grass and sweet-veld.  Corn and grain-fed cows are more prone to disease (such as e-coli contamination) since their digestive tracts are designed for grass not grain. With an organic and holistic approach within animal welfare, the first step in excellent quality (and quantity) milk production, has already been taken.

One of our other producers in the dairy department, is Mooberry Farms, a small family run farm based in Northriding, Johannesburg. Mandy and her family realized the need for healthy dairy early on when their family became more concerned about how food gets produced.  Being forced to eat mass produced, chemically enhanced meat that comes from animals that are subjected to harsh, inhumane conditions, made Mandy realize that a change was needed.


Mooberry Farm Products


How do they milk their cows?

We love that our farmers pride themselves in providing food that is as natural as possible. The animals are actually raised on the farm where their well being becomes a top priority. Both Guy and Mandy are passionate about the condition of the animals on their farms.

Animal welfare is the forefront of what Mooberry stands for. We want to know that our animals are living a free happy life and are not living in a stressful environment contained to shed their whole lives. Our cows are very relaxed as a herd and you can see this by the way they are relaxed during milking and during the day to day happenings around them.” Mandy, Mooberry Farms.

The Jersey cows on Mooberry farm, are milked in the morning and they get to go out into the fields for the whole day before the last milking, late afternoon. They are also very tame, and approaches humans for petting and much deserved attention.  This must tell you that the cows are in a happy and safe place. The animals also go through regular health checks and are closely monitored for mastitis, TB and CA.

The animals are treated with the love and care they deserve. We interact with our animals daily and as a result have tame, happy animals. The farm is not run on a large commercial basis and we are very hands on with their daily routine. All of our products are farmed using Organic Principles as far as possible and our cows are on a 100% GMO free diet.” – Mandy, Mooberry Farms.



There is still a lot to discuss and think about around nutrient dense dairy, for sure. For now, our ethos to supply you with natural and healthy processed dairy has been met by our amazing, local farmers and producers.  Take your time reading labels, asking questions and exploring our market and produce.  KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD IS FROM. We promise you will never want to buy normal supermarket milk, once you have tasted our amazing dairy produce. 


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