A Fresh and Clean Start with Jacksons

We are sure everyone had an amazing time off this past holiday with their families and friends.  We hope it was a time of connection, getting out in nature and enjoying what this beautiful land has to offer.

Jumping back into the new year and catching up with busy routines, is a hard task for some.  We, at Jacksons are with you every step of the way!  Take your first step on your real food journey by allowing us to educate you on our awesome products, farmers and suppliers.

Eat clean with Jacksons Real Food Markets

At Jacksons, we have taken a pledge to offer you an alternative way of eating and ensure only the cleanest of products gets on our shelves. And therefore making clean living accessible and most importantly, affordable.


Jacksons Real Food Market - Bryanston Market


We source mostly organically grown fruits and vegetables from small local farms. These farms has great soil, produce that are pesticide free, picked daily and tastes amazing. Read more about our Organic offering and the Organic rating system here.

Jacksons Real Food Market - organic produce


We source holistically raised and traceable meat, farmed mostly on pastures in open spaces. Our meat are free from hormones, antibiotics or brines and high in nutrients and healthy fats like Omega 3. Click here to read more about our beef farmers and why clean meat is good for you. 

Veld reared, holistically farmed Beef at Jacksons Real Food Market


All our Groceries are nutrient dense.  It doesn’t contain harmful preservatives, colourants, fillers, emulsifiers, GMO’s or unknown coded ingredients. That means our food are high in nutrients that’s good for you (vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats.)


Clean groceries at Jackons Real Food Market


Some of our favourite clean products in both our markets, at Kyalami and Bryanston, are the amazing range of products by Sally Ann Creed. Sally has a great approach to nutrition – “Let food be your Medicine”, and we couldn’t agree more. Come check out her full range of products at both our markets.


Sally Ann Creed product range at Jacksons Real Food Market


We are also loving the Ancient Nutrition range of organic bone broth powders. Their mission is to restore health, strength and vitality by providing history’s healthiest whole food nutrients to the modern world, as said by Co-founder Jordan Ruben.

Ancient Nutrition range at Jacksons Real Food Market


Supporting your food lifestyle

You might have noticed the huge variety of products, ingredients and super-foods that is stacked on our shelves.  We are always on the lookout for the best that SA has to offer. Whatever your lifestyle choice is, we want to be part of creating an environment of full traceability and honesty AND putting your health first! We provide plant based, low sugar, lower carb and gluten free food options.  We have awesome stuff for vegetarians, vegans, banting and ketogenic lifestyles. Our keto fat head pizza at our Eatery is one you should not miss – come through to our Eateries and have a taste.

Keto, Low carb, Fathead Pizza from Jacksons Real Food Market


More goodness at Jacksons

Inside our market you are bound to find the cleanest food in Jozi, here is more of our offering:

  • Finest quality, pasture reared, hormone free, grass fed meats – GMO free chicken, charcuterie and cold meats, nutritious dairy and outdoor reared eggs (from non caged chickens.)
  • Locally sourced, organically grown fruits and vegetables – chemical and pesticide free.
  • Best quality, certified Organic Salmon and other fresh fish – we support SASSI green list and MSC, and believe in sustainable fishing.
  • Vegan, Paleo, low carb/low sugar, gluten free, preservative and additive free products.
  • Top local cheeses, roasted coffees, artisan treats and ready made meals.
  • Biodynamic wines, gluten free beer, and a range of local, preservative free craft beers.
  • Long Fermented sourdough breads – stone ground, unbleached and non GMO flours.  
  • And lastly, our amazing Real Food Eateries, serving delicious and healthy meals, made with organic ingredients and fresh foods from our market. Grab your veg juice or fruit smoothie from our smoothie bars and enjoy a freshly brewed Origin organic coffee, while you shop.

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