Farmer Angus – Biodynamic Agriculture and Carbon Farming

By now everybody must know that we at Jackson’s stand for real, honest food.  We pride ourselves in sourcing the best, sustainable, delicious, good-for-you food of the finest quality in the country.  

Produce in our store comes straight from small local farmers and suppliers with ethical farming practises and sustainable theories – people with a passion for producing food the way nature intended and delivering it to you, our consumer, at excellent prices.

One of those suppliers we feel absolutely privileged to have part of our real honest food family is farmer Angus McIntosh.  

Farmer Angus - Biodynamic Agriculture and Carbon Farming

Biodynamic Agriculture

More commonly known as Farmer Angus, this man has a real passion for farming and applies Biodynamic agriculture practises as part of his farming method.

From an accountant, to a stockbroker, clay home builder, winemaker and now a farmer – Angus manages the Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. On 126 hectares of irrigated pasture he produces beef, eggs, pigs and broiler chickens, for the last 8 years.

It is one thing to say you are a farmer with a passion for your livestock and produce, but what does it really mean to state that your farm is on top of organic, biodynamic and ethical trends?

Biodynamic farming is arguably the oldest, organized agricultural movement in the world and is based on the philosophy that the soil, plants, animals and farmers work together in one agricultural cycle, interrelating each entity of farming and viewing the farm as an organism in its own right.  One of the basic practises in biodynamic farming is the elimination of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

So how does this make our eggs and bone broth top notch?

Have you ever heard of an eggmobile?  

Farmer Angus believes in outdoor egg production, in other words, his hens do not spend their days living in a pen or a cage, stacked on top of each other in a factory.  Instead, Farmer Angus has developed a mobile hen house for his hens, that is moved around daily to ensure the hens spend loads of time roaming around the pastures, fertilizing it with droppings at the same time.  

The best thing about these “eggmobiles” is that Farmer Angus and his team design and construct it themselves, with about 15 of these hen homes on the farm, each housing approximately 250 hens.  The design also enables the team to have more roosting and nesting space inside for the hens and it makes collecting the eggs so much easier.  

Read more about the ‘free range’ myth and the shocking truth about commercial chicken farming here.

Farmer Angus' Eggs

Let’s dive into some bone broth.

In addition to stocking Farmer Angus’s eggs we also stock this incredible bone broth, an ancient elixir, linked to curing infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, digestive problems and many more chronic ailments.

The bone broth is prepared by using an age old recipe, which includes the use of rainwater, grass fed beef bones, organic vegetables, non irradiated herbs and spices, vinegar, zero salt and of course, loads of love.

It is the perfect stock to keep on hand as a base for soups, stews, risotto and broths.

Farmer Angus' Beef Bone Broth

Carbon Farming

On Farmers Angus’s farm, his beef operation sequesters carbon

That means that carbon is stored in the soil which is the safest place for it to be.

Simply put, Farmer Angus is mimicking nature, by having a lot of animals graze in a small space, for a short period of time. After moving the cattle 2 to 6 times per day – the animals return to the pastures which have grown dramatically, solely fertilized by the animals manure.

Carbon Farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions in its production processes and captures the carbon in the vegetation and soil.  Not only that, but carbon rich soil increases the soil’s fertility, reduces soil salinity, making the soil and vegetation healthier which in turn ensures a super healthy (and happier) earth and cow.

In Conclusion

Vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists and grass fed beef eaters are all on the same side. The side opposite chemical, industrial, processed, corporatised, sweetened, pasteurised, homogenised, factory farmed and GMO “food”.

You say ‘I know where my food comes from’. But do you really know?  We need to consciously stand together to support our farmers that is working to safeguard the future through regenerative agriculture, ensuring our food is good for the environment and for ourselves.   


Recipe: Egg, Noodles and Beef Bone Broth

Egg, Noodle and Beef Bone Broth Recipe

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