#1  Connect you to the best farms and producers, bringing back the farm store of yesteryear that is relevant in our modern times.

#2  Supply pesticide and chemical free, nutrient dense fruit and vegetables – mostly organically grown from small local farms.

#3  Supply nutrient dense meats from holistic and ethical small farms with no hormones, routine antibiotics or brine/saline.

#4  Supply groceries that are as far as possible free from preservatives, colourants, fillers, emulsifiers, or unknown coded ingredients.

#5  Supply nutrient dense dairy and eggs from animals that are raised outdoors on ethical and holistic farms.

#6  Support small, local and emerging farmers and producers.

#7  Fight chronic illness like Diabetes and Cancer through nutrient dense and clean food. 

#8  Sustain and regenerate our environment by reducing, reusing and recycling of plastic packaging, in our supply chains and our customers’ homes. 

#9 Provide real jobs and a happy work environment for our team.

10#  To price organic, biodynamic and chemical free food at least at the same price as, non-organic offerings.


Without support from our customers, none of these pledges can become a true reality.



Jacksons Real Food Market is a small family run business, showcasing local farmers and producers.

In May of 2014, Bryanston saw the opening of the first Jacksons Real Food Market as a tiny little corner shop, a mere jump across the road from our flagship market, that opened September 2016.  The team quickly saw the need for clean chemical free food, to be in great demand. The eatery exploded with support as people seeked out healthy options when eating out. The Bryanston store won Best food market in Johannesburg in the BOJ (Best of Joburg Awards) 2018 – this in only our first year of operation.

In November 2017 the need for healthy food north of Johannesburg resulted in the opening of Jacksons Real Food Market Kyalami –  at a new Kyalami Corner Centre.

Gary Jackson, the founder of Jacksons Real Food Markets, has 25 years food retail experience and is an independent and dynamic small business owner.

“It’s all about keeping customers thrilled and exceeding their wildest expectations. My mission is to provide an alternative food supply that is as chemical free as possible, nutrient dense and healthy.” – Gary Jackson

He, himself, had to learn the hard way (like all of us) that our health is not something to gamble with.  Soon he found himself addicted to good, real food and wanted to share the pleasure of local, honest grown food with the community.

As an advocate of the real food movement, Gary encourages families to eat grass-fed and pasture raised animals, eggs and dairy.  He also feels very strongly about including organic, naturally grown produce, containing ZERO chemicals, into the daily diet. The goal is simple.  Nutrition for you and your family at an everyday low price.

What are we putting on our shelves?

We buy food based on taste, quality, nutritional value and price. Our suppliers are small holder farmers in South Africa, with honest, old fashioned, organic and biodynamic principles and ethos. Creating permanent good jobs in South Africa for South Africans on farms, at producers and in the retail and logistics link, is just one of the reasons why we aid these local agriculturists. In turn, we create fair and transparent sharing agreements by doing ongoing win win partnerships with our suppliers – ensuring that you get real food at prices that strongly competes with other retailers’ normal offering.

That is not all.  Once we have sourced the produce, taste tests and ingredient analyzing is done to ensure you know exactly what you are eating. We strive to stock all the award winning local produce and products in South Africa.

Food in it’s purest state.  

You will only find the purest products free from growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and false or misleading ingredients or flavours, in our market. We strive where possible to avoid supporting feedlot or pesticide using farmers.

Educating you, our loyal customer and quality go hand in hand. We want you to know HOW your food was grown or raised.  How was it treated or farmed? Where is our food FROM? In our recent articles, we discuss just that – click through to have a read.

For us, the more the customer knows about the produce the better.

We are not only kind to our cows.

It’s no secret that mainstream retail has become clinical and sterile, at Jacksons we offer the opposite. Warm hands on owner operated stores with good service and knowledgeable staff, and a friendly smile (or two).

You can expect an outstanding, world class retail experience in terms of service, quality, convenience, availability and cleanliness.

If we can bring back traditional cooking methods to help Moms, Dads and kids be better cooks, our hearts will be happy. Let us become your one stop nutrient dense, destination food store for a cleaner, better and a longer happier life.

Jackson’s Real Food Market IS a haven for foodies who want to learn, taste, sample and relax while shopping. It’s about getting the best that South Africa has to offer, the cleanest and most natural food into our tummies which will in turn keep us happy, healthy, vital and with better longevity.

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Jacksons Real Food Market Bryanston
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