4 Plant Based Products to try out

Tying in with our recent plant-based theme, we are sharing a few of our new vegan friendly, plant based lines – available at our market. These products are clean, with no preservatives and chemicals, made from whole ingredients and is great for any whole food fanatic.


Urban Vegan

Based in Cape Town, the team from Urban Vegan are passionate about creating cruelty free food.  They have a range of vegan mayonnaise, yoghurts and spreads.  These products are dairy and soy free as well as gluten free and uses tree nuts.

Urban Vegan

Herbi Vohr

This new line has made a whole lot of plant-based enthusiast, very happy.  Seitan, a wheat protein, is the main ingredient used in these vegan biltong, pastrami, ribs and sausage products.  It can be challenging giving up meat, but the Herbi Vohr products will ease your transition, it’s protein rich and cruelty free.


Fancy That

Fancy That Creamery, based in Johannesburg, is the leaders in non dairy cheese, vegan butter and spreads. The product boasts a 100% nut base by using only fresh unadulterated foods. No preservative chemicals are used to preserve the shelf-life, but a combination of culture and natural plant based products is added. Their aim is to keep the product simple and nutritious, dairy products without the diary…

Fancy That Vegan Products

Irene’s Gourmet

Irene is passionate about food. She built her brand, Irene’s Gourmet Vegan Foods around wholesomeness and nutrition. These products are all hand crafted from the finest natural ingredients. They make most of their cultures from scratch and the line includes a variety of vegan cheeses, butter, coconut yogurt and a whole lot more.

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